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Here at Watermill Wolves, we have taken great care to find the best possible partners for our breeding wolfdogs; in terms of genetic health (to avoid inbreeding, genetically heritable diseases etc.) temperament and physical characteristics.

This has led to us travelling to Europe for stud services, as well as importing potential breeding dogs from both Europe and America. Dogs are not bred unless we feel certain that their temperament and physical health is exemplary.

We feel strongly that dams should not have more than two litters, and sires an absolute maximum of three litters (depending on the size of the litter). All of our dogs have a home for life, and puppies are only sold on a ‘return’ agreement, where, for whatever reason, the owners are no longer able to care for their puppy, the dog will always return to us.

February 2019 - Artemis, James Bond and Winston Wolfe

This was the first litter for all the parents involved! It is slightly unconventional to have two fathers for one litter, but as soon as the puppies were born it was obvious that this was in fact the case (later confirmed by DNA testing).

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May 2017 - Summer Moon and Romeo Wolfspirit

Summer Moon aka Summer, is one of the foundation dams at Watermill Wolves. She has an incredible temperament, beautiful yellow eyes and a lovely grey agouti coat. Her fabulous trainability is evidenced by her long career as one of our acting wolfdogs,

As well as a wonderful mother, she has proved to be a brilliant grandmother figure to our later litters – tolerant, kind and caring, but not a total push over – and a brilliant ‘peace keeper’ within the pack, making sure that everyone minds their manners!

Whilst an ‘elder stateswoman’ now, Summer has had two litters, the first in 20XX and the second in 2017. Her first litter (sired by our own stud Hunter) included Mister Wolf and Tala, two of our most prolific acting wolfdogs.

Out of the four puppies from her 2017 litter, we kept two – James Bond and Alice in Wonderland. Bond is our real superstar when it comes to acting and Alice loves taking part in promotional events, and has proved to be a wonderful ‘Aunty Alice’ to our subsequent litters.

testimonial from this litter...