...rediscovering man's best friend

The aim of the Watermill Wolves wolfdog breeding programme is to be able to reconnect to the origins of ‘mans best friend’; those original companion dogs who lived alongside people for thousands of years before we began selectively breeding them for specific roles, such as herding, hunting and protecting livestock.

Whilst the wolf has inspired people for generations, they are wild animals, and it would be unethical to keep one as a pet in your home. However, the multi-generational, selectively bred wolfdog, is a physically robust, and happy wolf-look-alike dog, and a wonderful companion for the experienced and active home.

The Watermill Wolves wolfdog pack has been carefully bred over several generations for their particular behavioural and physical attributes. Only those wolfdogs that meet the highest standards of physical health and temperament are considered for breeding, and so puppies are only available occasionally. Potential homes should be prepared to wait up to two years for their ‘one in a million’ Watermill Wolves wolfdog puppy.

We seek only the most loving and dedicated homes for our world class puppies, so if you are interested, it’s important to register early so we can evaluate your suitability.


There are several wolfdog breeds worldwide, and some of them have been established long enough to have their own breed standards and are recognised by international breed clubs such as the FCI. Although many wolfdog breeds look similar, in that they resemble various wolf sub-species, they may behave very differently.

For example, the Sarloos wolfdog is typically shy and reclusive and so may not be suitable for a busy household, or where they will be required to have regular contact with strangers. On the other hand, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog was developed as a military animal, often has a higher drive and can be more prone to protective behaviours. Some of the selectively bred high wolf content breeds from America, such as the North American Indian Dog, can be very social, but may have a winter breeding cycle and be more prone to food guarding behaviours. It’s important as a a potential owner to do your research and work out which type of wolfdog would best suit your lifestyle and personality.


Here at Watermill Wolves we believe in promoting and supporting ethical wolfdog puppy raising at its finest. We have been developing our specific lines for many years, occasionally breeding with only our finest animals, combining the best temperaments and physical features from around the globe to ensure that our animals are truly world class companion wolfdogs.

Watermill Wolves wolfdogs are generally non-guarding, playful and highly intelligent, and they thrive on positive interaction and training. They are loving companions, who develop a very close bond with their human family, and therefore don’t like to spend long hours alone.

All of our potential breeding animals are fully health tested, not just traditional checks such as hip and elbow scoring, but also using the latest in modern genetic testing for disease, inbreeding avoidance and physical traits.