The Watermill Wolves acting team have graced screen and print for many years, featuring in productions such as ‘Vikings’, ‘Ripper Street’ and ‘Penny Dreadful’, and in magazine features including ‘Vogue’ and ‘Marie Claire’.

The Watermill Wolves acting team are a specially selected pack of wolfdogs – carefully bred for many generations to be the ‘best of both’ – to retain the natural poise, power and elegance of the wolf, combined with the best social and trainable temperaments.

Several generations of Watermill Wolves have called our Sussex Centre home – they live as part of the family, alongside humans and even other small dogs.

For many years, under the guidance of their ‘mum’, behaviourist and trainer Natalie Lagstrom, they have taken part in a wide range of roles – from acting and modelling to conservation ambassadors and educators.

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